Mars link roundup

Like Mars news? Here’s some of the latest good links I’ve been reading:

143172261254763Loads of good news about Mars recently. here’s some of the good links:
Mars posters uploaded by SpaceX (oe of which you see on this page):

The very welcome news that Mars has belts of frozen water:

Mars engine simulations, radiation, short vs long mission profiles and many other issues:

Warning from Stephen Hwking: We must colonize other planets or we’re finished:
(You’d think this was stately the bleedin’ obvious, but for many people, sadly not…)

Am waiting patiently for the promised announcement about the MCT this year. What we know so far:

And a reminder of the crisis at NASA with this from former flight director Chris Kraft. His comments remain 100% relevant:

Meanwhile, the Future In Space Operations group’s list of documents. Loads of good download material:

A comparison of the Dragon and Orion capsules:

So who’s really doing the most to promote space exploration?

Buzz Aldrin famously said that “The biggest benefit of Apollo was the inspiration it gave to a growing generation to get into science and aerospace.” So who’s doing the inspiring now? Aldrin’s still out there, and there’s the national multi-national space agencies of course: NASA, Roscosmos, the ESA, CNSA (China National Space Administration), JAXA, ISRO and others.

In recent times there’s been inspirational individuals such as Cornell University astronomer Carl Sagan: author of more than 600 scientific papers and 20 books. He co-wrote the original Cosmos series, was on the review committee for Project Blue Book, and was heavily involved in devising the explanatory plaques on some of the early deep space probes. In later years he advocated for an organized watch on near-Earth objects. He died in 1996. The Mars Pathfinder landing site was named the Carl Sagan Memorial Station in his honor, and there’s an asteroid called “2709 Sagan”.

One other thing Sagan did was to co-found the Planetary Society.

Current Planetary Society CEO is Bill Nye: former TV presenter, engineer, comedian and bow-tie enthusiast. Through his TV work Bill has no doubt inspired many children with the joys of science. But he’s a busy guy. His science interests range far and wide into many fields from desalination to evolution. But is he inspirational to anyone over the age of 7? Bill has fallen victim to the well-known curse of the early childhood teacher and constantly falls into the “I’m talking to little kids” persona. read more…

Elon and Mars

Remember that Elon Musk promised to give details about his Mars Colonial Transporter later this year.

The plan (as revealaed so far) is to put 100 tons on Mars with each lift: Wikipedia, an d this by 2025 or so.

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Learn Pi to 100 places

Learn Pi to 100 places

The slightly disturbing and infinite grace of Pi is excellent T-shirt inspiration, but is that outward-facing data advancing your own knowledge? No! Here is the answer – Pi to 100 places upside-down. That means without having to mangle your shirt you can quickly lift the hem and do some quick revision. And the next time you take a moment of head-down contemplation or a micro-nap at your desk be assured that this T-shirt will protect from all accusations of goofing, dozing or navel-gazing. “Oh no,” you can indignantly reply as you’re roused from your head-down position, “I was studying the 55th to 60th places of Pi!”
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The power of physics compels you

The power of physics compels you

Apologies to fans of The Exorcist for stealing their line for T-shirt, but if we’re talking about being constantly compelled then all bow to physics. The three paragraphs of text are the original three laws of Motion as written by Sir Isaac Newton translated as closely as possible from the original Latin text. And as none can escape the laws of motion (at least in the everyday human-scale world), the quote seems a perfect fit.
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