Like Mars news? Here’s some of the latest good links I’ve been reading:

143172261254763Loads of good news about Mars recently. here’s some of the good links:
Mars posters uploaded by SpaceX (oe of which you see on this page):

The very welcome news that Mars has belts of frozen water:

Mars engine simulations, radiation, short vs long mission profiles and many other issues:

Warning from Stephen Hwking: We must colonize other planets or we’re finished:
(You’d think this was stately the bleedin’ obvious, but for many people, sadly not…)

Am waiting patiently for the promised announcement about the MCT this year. What we know so far:

And a reminder of the crisis at NASA with this from former flight director Chris Kraft. His comments remain 100% relevant:

Meanwhile, the Future In Space Operations group’s list of documents. Loads of good download material:

A comparison of the Dragon and Orion capsules:

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