Historic moment in space technology

Haven’t been this excited since I was a little kid in the late Apollo era. SpaceX is recapturing the excitement of space like no one else has managed in decades! Congratulations SpaceX...

First on Mars: the contenders compared

Insurance companies and betting agents have a lot in common. Their advice is based on maths. As a business they only survive if they get the odds right. They don’t pretty things up just because it’s politically correct, or aligns to someone’s...
SpaceX landing game

SpaceX landing game

It’s not slick, but it’s fun. See if you can land the first stage of a Falcon 9. I haven’t managed it yet: https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/76866912/#fullscreen

Mars link roundup

Like Mars news? Here’s some of the latest good links I’ve been reading: Loads of good news about Mars recently. here’s some of the good links: Mars posters uploaded by SpaceX (oe of which you see on this page):...
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