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The picture was taken a few (many) years ago while visiting a historic site. This was the prison chapel so who could resist a moment’s hammery? Not me.

I’ve spent most of my working life as a journalist in the daily newspaper industry. Happily I started getting into the online side of things at the very start of the web so was spared the depressingly decline of print. I was the web editor of a national news site in Australia before deciding to “tree change” to beautiful Tasmania with my young family.

Since then I’ve worked at my own web business, composed an album of space music, become a keen amateur photographer, worked casually as a radio producer for the ABC, joined the Planetary Society and finally started this site. The links you’ll find are either to my own works (music and T-shirts) or are Amazon affiliate links which costs nothing extra for you, but may enable me to pay for the hosting or even take some time off to compose more space music. (I trust this doesn’t offend or devalue the site for you. My hope is that you’ll find them useful.)

Space has been a passion for me since the Apollo days as a child. I was transfixed by the excitement and scale of the missions and have always looked forward to the next great steps, which alas have turned out to be tiny shuffles. At least the HST and various probes have kept the light alive. Happily now it seems that things have turned around and (to my great surprise) private enterprise really is taking the lead and reviving the glory days of space.

This site is, in my own incredibly small and insignificant way, an attempt to help human colonisation of space become a reality.

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